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How do I get onto the Depot?
To gain access to the Depot, you must be vetted.  This background check can be done at the badge and ID office inside the main gate.  Click here to visit our "Visiting the Depot" page.

What are the loud "booms" I am hearing outside and who can I call to complain?

The noise you are hearing is from our open-detonation field to follow the Department of Defense’s guidelines of disposing of unusable or damaged munitions. BGAD is closely monitored by the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection and adheres to multiple federal, Army, state, and local regulations. Citizens who wish to register a complaint or file a claim for damages may do so by calling the Public Affairs Office at (859) 779-6941.

Where can I find a job or internship at the Depot?

All of our employment positions are listed on and can be found by searching by zip code. If you are interested in working for one of the tenants or contractors located on the Depot, click here to go to our employment page for their respective websites.

Can I or my dependent obtain a new or updated government ID card?

The Depot’s badging office is able to make ID cards for active duty members and their dependents as well as retirees and their dependents. For more information, please call the badging office at (859) 779-6934.

Is legal assistance offered on the Depot?

Free legal assistance is offered for active duty members and their dependents as well as retiree ID cardholders and their dependents. To get more information about services offered, please call the Legal Office at (859) 779-6693.

Who can I contact about advertising with the Depot?

The Depot itself is not able to promote or advertise for individuals or businesses, however, you may contact the Morale, Welfare, & Recreation department at (859) 779-6464 for a case-by-case evaluation of your event or business advertisement.



To provide America's Joint Warfighters reliable, timely and cost-effective munitions and chemical defense equipment in support of full spectrum Military Operations.  Safeguard the remainder of the National Chemical Weapons Stockpile until demilitarization.


Become the Department of Defense's Center of Excellence for ammunition support to the Joint Warfighter.

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