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Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) is a government-owned, government-operated (GOGO) Department of Defense (DoD) installation with multiple missions and projects that ultimately server to support the U.S. Joint Warfighter.  Like all Army working Capital Fund (AWCF) military facilities.  BGAD could not operate without the support of private industry vendors.

If you are interested in learning more about "How to do Business with BGAD"  you must first understand that BGAD has two seperate private industry business contracting routes.

1)  If your intent is to become a BGAD vendor - someone interested in selling goods and/or services - this is done through what is called a FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) contract.  In this case, you should review:

1 - Small Business Contracting,  2 - Army Working Capital Fund, and 3 - Army Online Parnering and Contracting Info .  If you are not already a government contractor, those documents will provide a good basic introduction.

2)  The second contracting route is a deeper, more committed business relationship that goes well beyond the supply of goods and services.  This is called a "Public-Private Partnership" or P3.  Under this type of contract a long-term strategic relationship is developed that brings "bottom line" benefits to both sides - a win-win scenario if you will.  The key to understand that each entity has different bottom lines.  If this case you should review Partnering with BGAD  in addition to the previously mentioned documents.


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To provide America's Joint Warfighters reliable, timely and cost-effective munitions and chemical defense equipment in support of full spectrum Military Operations.  Safeguard the remainder of the National Chemical Weapons Stockpile until demilitarization.


Become the Department of Defense's Center of Excellence for ammunition support to the Joint Warfighter.

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